Help optimize workload performance in your vSAN environment

VMware vSAN powers many of today's leading HCI solutions to help you realize the benefits of reduced IT complexity, lower infrastructure costs, and incremental scaling to meet the needs of the business as it evolves. By pooling together server-attached storage, vSAN offers a highly efficient and resilient shared datastore to meet the needs of virtualized workloads for host of applications, including core business applications, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), distributed IT, and disaster recovery.

HPE Composable Fabric

Scale-out architectures, like VMware vSAN, rely on the network fabric to facilitate, not only application and user data traffic, but also vital east-west communication traffic between the clustered server and storage components that comprise the distributed IT infrastructure. Legacy enterprise data center networks, originally engineered to support conventional client-server applications, are ill-equipped to support the dynamic east-west traffic flows that dominate the contemporary data center. Further, these legacy networks are typically complex, inefficient, and statically engineered, which inhibits operational agility.
HPE Composable Fabric is designed from the ground up for today's highly virtualized and fluid cloud compute and storage environments. HPE Composable Fabric combines intelligent control software with state-of-the-art Ethernet switching hardware (rack connectivity modules), to deliver a unique, multidimensional fabric that enables orchestrated, direct workload-to-workload network connectivity across the data center.