Fast, secure desktop and application virtualization

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Wipro join forces for desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization transforms end-user computing by instantly delivering desktops and applications to any device. End users can be mobile and more productive. IT gets simplified administration. However, implementation can be challenging. Wipro VirtuaDesk, running on HPE infrastructure helps eliminate these challenges by providing a complete desktop virtualization offering. VirtuaDesk on HPE enables you to more easily secure and provision applications and data for a collaborative and mobile workforce.

Implementation challenges in desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization is frequently characterized by technical complexities. There may also be long deployment cycles and performance problems. Such implementation challenges can carry over into production, becoming operational support issues that drive up costs, negatively affecting end-user experiences and inhibiting IT response time to other business concerns.

The HPE and Wipro VirtuaDesk solution

HPE and Wipro have come together to solve desktop virtualization implementation challenges. VirtuaDesk leverages software-defined storage/storage virtualization technologies specifically designed for desktop virtualization workloads to deliver high-performance desktops at an affordable cost. Built on HPE infrastructure, it supports both Citrix and VMware platforms.