Case study

Hella achieves a fourfold increase in IT performance

Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik was looking for a replacement for its aging IT infrastructure comprising HPE StoreVirtual VSA and x86 devices. The main factors it was interested in were performance and availability. EDV-Design Informationstechnologie recommended HPE SimpliVity. The new solution increased performance fourfold.


Too little performance for new applications
Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik is an Austrian company with around 1200 employees that manufactures sun and weather protection equipment. Its headquarters is located in Abfaltersbach. The products it makes for public and private buildings are manufactured in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Over the past decade, Hella has grown considerably through the acquisition of other companies, including the Italian pergola manufacturer FRAMA. The company currently has around 40 offices across Europe.
"Over recent years, we have increasingly consolidated and standardized the IT infrastructure for the entire company and centralized it in Abfaltersbach," explains Anton Lusser, head of IT infrastructure at Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik. "This reduces the costs of managing the entire environment."
Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik's main application is SAP HANA, the software for which it accesses via the SAP Cloud Platform. For its clients, it uses Microsoft Windows Server with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. The entire IT environment is highly virtualized using VMware vSphere. "High availability and performance are everything for us, as otherwise the factories would come to a standstill," says Lusser.
During stress tests carried out in advance of the company's conversion to SAP HANA, Lusser and his team discovered that the existing infrastructure in their data center - three HPE StoreVirtual VSA clusters, each with eight nodes on the storage side and x86 servers on the computing side - had reached its limit in terms of performance. In the past, Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik had resolved such issues by expanding the HPE StoreVirtual VSA environment. "We were very happy with the existing solution and our preferred option to avert this threat of possible shortfalls was to add a fourth cluster to the HPE StoreVirtual VSA," remembers Lusser.