Solution brief

Microsoft SQL Server on HPE Memory-Driven Flash

Business-critical application performance and cost control have long been challenges for many organizations.

Breakthroughs are needed

Three things have been changing: the intensity of increasingly digitized businesses and global, 24x7x365 operations; growth in data and demand is increasing in both scale and amplitude; and growing management complexity of virtualized and clustered infrastructure resources. These pressures can result in insufficient performance to meet decision support requirements, inflexibility to accommodate changing business needs, and budget constraints that impose innovation-limiting trade-offs.
IT organizations need ways to consistently deliver performance for strained database deployments, yet maintain operational simplicity and meet the demands of the business with the resources available. Breakthroughs in technology are needed to accomplish more with less.

HPE Memory-Driven Flash and SQL Server solution

An HPE Memory-Driven Flash and Microsoft SQL Server solution provides a high-performance platform for demanding database deployments. HPE Memory-Driven Flash is a new storage category that introduces a new type of storage cache - Storage Class Memory (SCM) - that cuts system latency in half, significantly speeding database performance, but adds minimal system cost. And as an embedded system component, it brings almost no additional administrative complexity.