Case study

Kardol boosts its value proposition with new hosted services

In response to the growth in cloud services, hosted services, and customer demand, Kardol chose to boost its value proposition with a new service: an ERP solution located in a data center and accessed via the internet. To achieve this, the company built the necessary IT infrastructure entirely on HPE solutions: HPE Synergy and HPE 3PAR.


To provide hosted services
The Kardol Group, a systems integrator, provides a range of solutions, expertise, and services designed to improve business productivity. The company has particular expertise in the implementation of ERP software for its core business: industrial clients from a range of sectors including the motor industry, the chemical industry, and pharmaceuticals. As part of its value proposition, Kardol works with its customers to roll out on-site IT infrastructure for the implementation of the ERP solution. However, in response to the growth in cloud services and the growing market demand for this new way of operating, Kardol spent several months developing a hosted service offering, which it launched in 2017, based on HPE Synergy and HPE 3PAR technology solutions.
Sandrine Cochet, Head of Commercial Service Cloud Development and Infrastructures Solutions at Kardol, says: "In an effort to respond to customer demand, we have moved naturally towards providing our solutions as a hosted service." Indeed, businesses using Kardol's conventional services had begun to request Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) solutions, for instance, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an outage, as well as data outsourcing solutions, or the complete remote hosting of their software tools in managed mode. The company therefore needed a technology architecture that would be sufficiently powerful and scalable, and able to meet these new challenges.

The Solution

A complete HPE Synergy configuration
Although Kardol was a long-standing HPE partner, the company began by challenging a different manufacturer. "In the end, we selected HPE in order to maintain our value proposition and retain the quality of HPE products," emphasizes Sandrine Cochet. "The reasons for this choice are simple but precise. ERPs installed in industrial companies are subject to specific, unavoidable technical constraints in order to ensure smooth operation. Kardol's value proposition requires access to real-time data, high availability, and a very high level of performance. The HPE Synergy solution was the only one to meet these needs in tests that were also carried out with a rival competitor - in this case, Dell."
The chosen infrastructure comprises of 2 HPE Synergy 12000 Frames, 9 Gen10 composable servers, 2 HPE 3PAR 8200 All-Flash disk arrays each with a capacity of 30 TB, a VMware virtualization platform, and an ERP-dedicated cluster for the databases. In addition, the arrays feature a deduplication/compression system, with an overall compaction rate of 3.6 to 1, meaning that 3.6 TB of user data can be contained in 1 TB of Flash memory.